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Rudolf Hess's flight to Britain in May stands out as one of the most intriguing and bizarre episodes of the Second World War.

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He traces the developments which persuaded Hess to undertake his flight without Hitler's knowledge and show why he chose to approach the Duke of Hamilton. In the process he throws new light on the importance of Albrecht Haushofer, one-time envoy to Hitler and Ribbentrop and personal advisor to Hess, who was eventually executed by the S. Drawing on British War Cabinet papers and the author's unparalleled access to the Hamilton archives and the Haushofer letters, The Truth About Rudolf Hess takes the reader to the heart of the Third Reich, combining adventure and intrigue with a scholarly historical approach.

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The Capture of Hess - Rudolf Hess - Prisoner No7 - This Week - 1975

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    UK repeatedly pressed for Rudolf Hess's release from Spandau prison

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    Michael Lynch. The Nuremberg Trials. Alexander Macdonald. Simon Berthon. He has been in prison for 40 years. He has been without the company of other prisoners for over 16 years. Each of the 11 unilateral British appeals, which dated back to , along with 14 others made separately, or jointly, by the US and French authorities were rejected by an unwavering Soviet insistence that the release of the former deputy Nazi leader would be an insult to the 20 million Soviet war dead. There were also fears that his release could fuel a resurgence of neo-Nazism.

    Hess killed himself at the age of 93 on 17 August having been the sole prisoner in the Berlin jail since the release of fellow Nazis Albert Speer and Baldur von Schirach in Spandau was demolished to prevent it becoming a neo-Nazi shrine. Hess was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Nuremberg trials in for crimes against peace and taken with six other Nazis to Spandau allied military prison in the British sector of Berlin.

    Spandau was administered jointly by the four allied powers and the bulk of the files released on Thursday at the National Archives are the personal papers of the last British governor of the prison, Lt Col Tony Le Tissier. The internal Foreign Office papers deal with most of the controversies that have surrounded Hess over the last 76 years.